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1. Fix a subtle bug in the use of ${DOC}. If you ran make(1) and defined
${FORMATS} on the command line then it would assume that you wanted to build a document in the current directory, based on the setting of ${DOC}. If ${DOC} wasn't set, it defaulted to the name of the current directory. Any Makefile that includes this, and expects to have documentation built in the current directory must now explicitly define DOC. All the current ones do anyway. This should be a non-problem when docproj.docbook.mk is split out in to smaller, more modular files. Move the comments for DOC from the non-mandatory to the mandatory section. 2. Clarify the meaning of DESTDIR, it's changed a little bit since it was first documented. 3. Initial, tentative support for building pkg_* packages from the formatted documentation. Needs work, but I've had the patch out for review for a couple of days, and no comments either way -- so if people hate it, this should at least spur them on to say so. # cd /path/to/doc/to/turn/into/a/package # touch COMMENT DESCR # make 'FORMATS=this that and the other' package to build 'n' packages, one per format. "make install" is run as part of the package dependency, so this will overwrite documentation you have already got installed. 4. Remove DOC_INSTALL_PREFIX. Should have been DOCDIR from the start.
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