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a system which has &gt;4MB, install onto the disk and then
swap it back.</para>
- <para>FreeBSD 2.1.7 will not install with 640 kB base + 3 MB
- extended memory. If your motherboard can remap some of the
- <quote>lost</quote> memory out of the 640kB to 1MB region,
- then you may still be able to get FreeBSD 2.1.7 up. Try
- to go into your BIOS setup and look for a
- <quote>remap</quote> option. Enable it. You may also
- have to disable ROM shadowing. It may be easier to get 4
- more MB just for the install. Build a custom kernel with
- only the options you need and then remove the 4MB out.
- You can also install 2.0.5 and then upgrade your system to
- 2.1.7 with the <quote>upgrade</quote> option of the 2.1.7
- installation program.</para>
<para>After the installation, if you build a custom kernel,
it will run in 4 MB. Someone has even successfully booted
with 2 MB, although the system was almost unusable.</para>