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<title>Frequently Asked Questions for FreeBSD 2.X
<author>The FreeBSD FAQ Team, <tt/FAQ@FreeBSD.ORG/
-<date> $Id: freebsd-faq.sgml,v 1996-06-19 20:27:01 jkh Exp $
+<date> $Id: freebsd-faq.sgml,v 1996-07-07 23:26:35 jkh Exp $
This is the FAQ for FreeBSD systems version 2.X All entries are
assumed to be relevant to FreeBSD 2.0.5+, unless otherwise noted.
@@ -1449,7 +1449,10 @@ pseudo-device vn #Vnode driver (turns a file into a device)
<heading>When I try to mount a CDROM, I get a ``Device not configured'' error. What's going on?</heading>
This generally means that there is no CDROM in the CDROM drive.
- Feed the drive something.
+ or the drive is not visible on the bus. Feed the drive
+ something, and/or check it's master/slave status if it is
<heading>My programs occasionally die with ``Signal 11'' errors. What's going on?</heading>
@@ -2462,7 +2465,7 @@ Zynx ZX342
<heading>I'm in <tt>foo.bar.edu</tt>, and I can no longer reach hosts in <tt>bar.edu</tt> by their short names</heading>
The current version of <em>BIND</em> that ships with FreeBSD
- does no longer provide default abbreviations for non-fully
+ no longer provides default abbreviations for non-fully
qualified domain names other than the domain you are in.
So an unqualified host <tt>mumble</tt> must either be found
as <tt>mumble.foo.bar.edu</tt>, or it will be searched for
@@ -2638,6 +2641,28 @@ domain foo.bar.edu
+ <sect1>
+ <heading>I just booted a new kernel and now I'm getting ``Permission denied'' for all networking operations.</heading>
+ <p>
+ If you have compiled your kernel with the <tt/IPFIREWALL/
+ option, you need to be aware that the default policy as of
+ 2.1.5R (this actually changed during 2.1-STABLE development)
+ is to deny all packets that are not explicitly allowed.
+ <p>
+ If you had unintentionally misconfigured your system for
+ firewalling, you can restore network operability by typing
+ the following while logged in as root:
+ <verb>
+ ipfw add 65534 allow all from any to any
+ </verb>
+ For further information on configuring a FreeBSD firewall,
+ see the <url url="http://www.freebsd.org/handbook/handbook.html" name="FreeBSD Handbook.">
+ </sect1>
<heading>Serial Communications</heading>