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<title>Frequently Asked Questions for FreeBSD 2.X
<author>The FreeBSD FAQ Team, <tt/FAQ@FreeBSD.ORG/
-<date> $Id: freebsd-faq.sgml,v 1995-10-12 03:18:14 jfieber Exp $
+<date> $Id: freebsd-faq.sgml,v 1995-11-15 07:58:12 jkh Exp $
This is the FAQ for FreeBSD systems version 2.X All entries are
assumed to be relevant to FreeBSD 2.0.5+, unless otherwise noted.
@@ -23,18 +23,21 @@ Any entries with a &lt;XXX&gt; are under construction.
send mail to:
<url url="mailto:questions@FreeBSD.ORG" name="FreeBSD-questions
- Mailling list"> or to <url url="mailto:faq@FreeBSD.ORG"
+ Mailing list"> or to <url url="mailto:faq@FreeBSD.ORG"
name="FreeBSD FAQ mailing list">
The latest released version is FreeBSD 2.0.5R. FreeBSD-current
refers to the future FreeBSD 2.2. The 2.1 release will be issued
- from a special branch of the -current sources and is intended as a
+ from a special branch of the -current sources and is intended as an
even more stable version of 2.0.5.
There are regular snapshots extracted from 2.2-CURRENT. Check on
<tt>ftp.FreeBSD.ORG</tt> in <tt>/pub/FreeBSD/*-SNAP*</tt>.
- The current snapshot is 2.1.0-950726-SNAP.
+ The current snapshot is 2.1.0-951104-SNAP.
+ Latest notes: expect 2.1-RELEASE to hit the streets in a few days
+ for FTP. It will be burned on CD-ROM soon !
This version of the FAQ uses the <tt>linuxdoc-sgml</tt> utility
written for Linux by Matt Welsh. The initial SGML translation was
@@ -1705,6 +1708,14 @@ disk fd1 at fdc0 drive 1
mount -o -P sunbox:/blah /mnt
+ <sect1><heading>I'm having problems with my NeXTStep machines and other FreeBSD ones accross PPP</heading>
+ <p>
+ Try disabling the TCP extentions in <tt>/etc/sysconfig</tt> by
+ changing the following variable to NO:
+ <verb>
+ tcp_extensions=NO
+ </verb>
<heading>I want to enable IP multicast support on my FreeBSD box, how do I do it? (Alternatively: What the heck IS multicasting and what applications make use of it?)</heading>