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<para>The following example will describe how to generate a
key file, which will be used as part of the Master Key for
the encrypted provider mounted under
- <filename role="directory">/private</filename>. The key
+ <filename class="directory">/private</filename>. The key
file will provide some random data used to encrypt the
Master Key. The Master Key will be protected by a
passphrase as well. Provider's sector size will be 4kB big.
@@ -3970,7 +3970,7 @@ Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity Mounted on
<title>Unmounting and Detaching the Provider</title>
<para>Once the work on the encrypted partition is done, and
- the <filename role="directory">/private</filename> partition
+ the <filename class="directory">/private</filename> partition
is no longer needed, it is prudent to consider unmounting
and detaching the <command>geli</command> encrypted
partition from the kernel.</para>