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the vendor of BSD/386, alleging that the product contained
AT&T-copyrighted code. The case was settled out of court in
1994, but the spectre of the litigation continues to haunt people.
- As recently as March 2000 an article published on the web claimed
+ In March 2000 an article published on the web claimed
that the court case had been <quote>recently settled</quote>.</para>
<para>One detail that the lawsuit did clarify is the naming: in the
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system</quote> and <quote>the 4.4BSD operating
- <listitem>
- <para>There is a perception that the BSD projects are fragmented and
- belligerent. The
- <link xlink:href="http://interactive.wsj.com/bin/login?Tag=/&amp;URI=/archive/retrieve.cgi%253Fid%253DSB952470579348918651.djm&amp;">Wall Street
- Journal</link> spoke of <quote>balkanization</quote> of the
- BSD projects. Like the law suit, this perception bases mainly
- on ancient history.</para>
- </listitem>