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or as plain text, PostScript, PDF, etc. from the <ulink
URL="ftp://ftp.FreeBSD.org/pub/FreeBSD/doc/">FreeBSD FTP
server</ulink>. You may also want to <ulink
- URL="../../../../search/index.html">Search the
+ URL="&url.main;/search/index.html">Search the
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the i386, known as <quote>386BSD</quote>, though very
little of the 386BSD code remains. A fuller description of
what FreeBSD is and how it can work for you may be found on
- the <ulink URL="../../../../index.html">FreeBSD home
+ the <ulink URL="&url.main;/index.html">FreeBSD home
<para>FreeBSD is used by companies, Internet Service Providers,
researchers, computer professionals, students and home users
all over the world in their work, education and recreation.
See some of them in the <ulink
- URL="../../../../gallery/index.html">FreeBSD
+ URL="&url.main;/gallery/index.html">FreeBSD
<para>For more detailed information on FreeBSD, please see the
@@ -350,7 +353,7 @@
treated with contempt.</para>
<para>Every day, <ulink
- URL="../../../../releases/snapshots.html">snapshot
+ URL="&url.main;/releases/snapshots.html">snapshot
</ulink> releases are made based on the current state of the
-CURRENT and -STABLE branches. Distributions of the
occasional snapshot are made available. The goals
@@ -1016,7 +1019,7 @@ File: +DESC (ignored)</screen>
<para>You can find full information in the <ulink
- URL="../../../../y2kbug.html">FreeBSD Y2K page</ulink>.</para>
+ URL="&url.main;/y2kbug.html">FreeBSD Y2K page</ulink>.</para>
@@ -4346,7 +4349,7 @@ kern.timecounter.hardware: TSC -&gt; i8254</screen>
interest in FreeBSD can have very positive effects on FreeBSD's
long-term viability). We encourage commercial software vendors to
send their entries here for inclusion. See <ulink
- URL="../../../../commercial/index.html">the
+ URL="&url.main;/commercial/index.html">the
Vendors page</ulink> for a longer list.</para>
@@ -4557,7 +4560,7 @@ kern.timecounter.hardware: TSC -&gt; i8254</screen>
source X11 desktop which is similar to CDE in many respects.
You might also like the look and feel of <ulink
URL="http://www.xfce.org/">xfce</ulink>. KDE and xfce are both
- in the <ulink URL="../../../../ports/index.html">ports
+ in the <ulink URL="&url.main;/ports/index.html">ports
@@ -4657,11 +4660,11 @@ kern.timecounter.hardware: TSC -&gt; i8254</screen>
<para>Yes! See the <ulink
- URL="../../../../commercial/software_bycat.html#CATEGORY_DATABASE">
+ URL="&url.main;/commercial/software_bycat.html#CATEGORY_DATABASE">
Commercial Vendors</ulink> section of FreeBSD's Web site.</para>
<para>Also see the <ulink
- URL="../../../../ports/databases.html">
+ URL="&url.main;/ports/databases.html">
Databases</ulink> section of the Ports collection.</para>
@@ -4706,7 +4709,7 @@ kern.timecounter.hardware: TSC -&gt; i8254</screen>
<para>Please take a look at <ulink
- URL="../../../../ports/index.html">the ports page</ulink>
+ URL="&url.main;/ports/index.html">the ports page</ulink>
for info on software packages ported to FreeBSD. The list
currently tops &os.numports; and is growing daily, so come
back to check often or subscribe to the
@@ -4827,7 +4830,7 @@ kern.timecounter.hardware: TSC -&gt; i8254</screen>
<para>Yes. Please see <ulink
- URL="../../../../java/index.html">
+ URL="&url.main;/java/index.html">
@@ -4840,7 +4843,7 @@ kern.timecounter.hardware: TSC -&gt; i8254</screen>
<para>If you are running a FreeBSD version that lags
significantly behind -CURRENT or -STABLE, you may need a ports
- upgrade kit from <ulink URL="../../../../ports/index.html">
+ upgrade kit from <ulink URL="&url.main;/ports/index.html">
http://www.FreeBSD.org/ports/</ulink>. If you are up to date,
then someone might have committed a change to the port which
works for -CURRENT but which broke the port for -STABLE. Please
@@ -8471,7 +8474,7 @@ Key F15 A A Menu Workplace Nop</programlisting>
<para>See the <link linkend="service-redirect">FAQ about
redirecting services</link>, the &man.natd.8; manual, or one of
the several port redirecting utilities in the <ulink
- url="../../../../ports/index.html">ports collection</ulink> for a correct way to do
+ url="&url.main;/ports/index.html">ports collection</ulink> for a correct way to do
@@ -8827,7 +8830,7 @@ Key F15 A A Menu Workplace Nop</programlisting>
<para>This point and others are often discussed on the
mailing lists, particularly the &a.security;. Please search
the archives <ulink
- url="../../../../search/index.html">here</ulink> for an
+ url="&url.main;/search/index.html">here</ulink> for an
extensive discussion. Some people are hopeful that
securelevel will soon go away in favor of a more
fine-grained mechanism, but things are still hazy in this