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<para>To use your sound device, you will need to load the proper
- device driver. This may be accomplished in one of two ways.
+ device driver. If you are not sure which driver to use, you may
+ try to load snd_driver, which is a metadriver loading the most common
+ device drivers at once, this speeds up the search for the correct driver.
+ Loading the device driver may be accomplished in one of two ways.
The easiest way is to simply load a kernel module for your sound
card with &man.kldload.8; which can either be done from the
command line:</para>
@@ -522,7 +525,34 @@ pcm0: &lt;SB16 DSP 4.11&gt; on sbc0</screen>
to 4 as in the above example. On a system using &man.devfs.5;, the above will automatically be
allocated transparently to the user.</para>
- </sect1>
+ <sect2>
+ <sect2info>
+ <authorgroup>
+ <author>
+ <firstname>Josef</firstname>
+ <surname>El-Rayes</surname>
+ <contrib>Contributed by </contrib>
+ </author>
+ </authorgroup>
+ </sect2info>
+ <title>Setting default values for mixer channels</title>
+ <para>The default values for the different mixer channels are
+ hardcoded in the sourcecode of the pcm driver. There are
+ a lot of different applications and daemons that allow
+ you to set values for the mixer they remember and set
+ each time they are started, but this is not a clean
+ solution, we want to have default values at the driver
+ level. This is accomplished by defining the apropriate
+ values in <filename>/boot/loader.conf</filename>. E.g.:</para>
+ <para>This will set the vol channel to a default value of
+ 100, as soon as the pcm module gets loaded.</para>
+ </sect2>
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