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<sect1 id="doc-build-makefiles">
- <title>Understanding <filename>Makefile</filename>s in the Documentation Tree</title>
+ <title>Understanding <filename>Makefile</filename>s in the
+ Documentation Tree</title>
<para>There are three main types of <filename>Makefile</filename>s
in the FreeBSD Documentation Project tree.</para>
@@ -248,7 +250,8 @@ DOC_PREFIX?= ${.CURDIR}/../../..
<sect1 id="make-includes">
- <title>FreeBSD Documentation Project <application>Make</application> Includes</title>
+ <title>FreeBSD Documentation Project
+ <application>Make</application> Includes</title>
<para>This is best explained by inspection of the code. Here are
the system include files:</para>
@@ -397,7 +400,7 @@ PRI_LANG?= en_US.ISO8859-1
<para>A special dependency <literal>.USE</literal> defines
the equivalent of a macro.</para>
-<programlisting>_SUBDIRUSE: .USE
+ <programlisting>_SUBDIRUSE: .USE
.for entry in ${SUBDIR}
@${ECHO} "===&gt; ${DIRPRFX}${entry}"
@(cd ${.CURDIR}/${entry} &amp;&amp; \
@@ -416,7 +419,7 @@ PRI_LANG?= en_US.ISO8859-1
contains the name of the target currently being
-<programlisting>clean: _SUBDIRUSE
+ <programlisting>clean: _SUBDIRUSE
rm -f ${CLEANFILES}</programlisting>
<para>In the above, <maketarget>clean</maketarget> will use
@@ -476,14 +479,15 @@ PRI_LANG?= en_US.ISO8859-1
- <title>Looping Constructs in <command>make (.for)</command></title>
+ <title>Looping Constructs in <command>make
+ (.for)</command></title>
<para><literal>.for</literal> provides a way to repeat a set
of instructions for each space-separated element in a
variable. It does this by assigning a variable to contain
the current element in the list being examined.</para>
-<programlisting>_SUBDIRUSE: .USE
+ <programlisting>_SUBDIRUSE: .USE
.for entry in ${SUBDIR}
@${ECHO} "===&gt; ${DIRPRFX}${entry}"
@(cd ${.CURDIR}/${entry} &amp;&amp; \