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<para>Create an optimized version of the executable. The
- compiler performs various clever tricks to try and produce
+ compiler performs various clever tricks to try to produce
an executable that runs faster than normal. You can add a
number after the <option>-O</option> to specify a higher
level of optimization, but this often exposes bugs in the
@@ -1769,7 +1769,7 @@ else if (pid == 0) { /* child */
<para>Although Emacs does have menus, it is well worth learning
the key bindings, as it is much quicker when you are editing
- something to press a couple of keys than to try and find the
+ something to press a couple of keys than to try to find the
mouse and then click on the right place. And, when you are
talking to seasoned Emacs users, you will find they often
casually throw around expressions like <quote><literal>M-x
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@@ -409,7 +409,7 @@ setenv SGML_CATALOG_FILES /usr/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/share/sgml/catalog:$SGML_CATA
- <para>Try and validate this file using an SGML parser.</para>
+ <para>Try to validate this file using an SGML parser.</para>
<para>Part of <filename role="package">textproc/docproj</filename> is the
&man.nsgmls.1; <link linkend="sgml-primer-validating">validating
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separate directories prepares for future plans for the Handbook.
Specifically, it will soon be possible to include images in each
chapter. It makes more sense for each image to be stored in a
- directory with the text for the chapter than to try and keep the
+ directory with the text for the chapter than to try to keep the
text for all the chapters, and all the images, in one large
directory. Namespace collisions would be inevitable, and it is
easier to work with several directories with a few files in them
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@@ -597,7 +597,7 @@ postmaster@example.com postmaster@noc.example.net
system may expect to have a functional
<application>sendmail</application>-compatible system. If
applications continue to use
- <application>sendmail</application>'s binaries to try and send
+ <application>sendmail</application>'s binaries to try to send
e-mail after you have disabled them, mail could go into an
inactive <application>sendmail</application> queue, and never be delivered.</para>
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@@ -4528,7 +4528,7 @@ ipfw add 1 allow ipencap from W.X.Y.Z to A.B.C.D
<programlisting>XXX tcpdump output</programlisting>
<para>Now, as you can see, &man.tcpdump.1; shows the ESP packets. If
- you try and examine them with the <option>-s</option> option you will see
+ you try to examine them with the <option>-s</option> option you will see
(apparently) gibberish, because of the encryption.</para>
<para>Congratulations. You have just set up a VPN between two