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- Creates entities for each chapter in the Documentation Project Primer.
- Each entity is named chap.foo, where foo is the value of the id
- attribute on that chapter, and corresponds to the name of the
- directory in which that chapter's .sgml file is stored.
- Chapters should be listed in the order in which they are referenced.
- $FreeBSD: doc/en_US.ISO_8859-1/books/fdp-primer/chapters.ent,v 1.5 2000/06/23 00:37:53 nik Exp $
-<!ENTITY chap.overview SYSTEM "overview/chapter.sgml">
-<!ENTITY chap.sgml-primer SYSTEM "sgml-primer/chapter.sgml">
-<!ENTITY chap.tools SYSTEM "tools/chapter.sgml">
-<!ENTITY chap.sgml-markup SYSTEM "sgml-markup/chapter.sgml">
-<!ENTITY chap.stylesheets SYSTEM "stylesheets/chapter.sgml">
-<!ENTITY chap.structure SYSTEM "structure/chapter.sgml">
-<!ENTITY chap.the-website SYSTEM "the-website/chapter.sgml">
-<!ENTITY chap.translations SYSTEM "translations/chapter.sgml">
-<!ENTITY chap.writing-style SYSTEM "writing-style/chapter.sgml">
-<!ENTITY chap.psgml-mode SYSTEM "psgml-mode/chapter.sgml">
-<!ENTITY chap.see-also SYSTEM "see-also/chapter.sgml">
-<!ENTITY chap.doc-build SYSTEM "doc-build/chapter.sgml">
-<!ENTITY app.examples SYSTEM "examples/appendix.sgml">