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<sect><heading>FreeBSD Project goals<label id="goals"></heading>
<p><em>Contributed by &a.jkh;</em>.
-<p><em>Note: This section is under construction.</em>
+<p>The goals of the FreeBSD Project are to provide software that may
+be used for any purpose and without strings attached. Many of us
+have a significant investment in the code (and project) and would
+certainly not mind a little financial renumeration now and then,
+but we're definitely not prepared to insist on it. We believe
+that our first and foremost "mission" is to provide code to any
+and all comers, and for whatever purpose, so that the code gets
+the widest possible use and provides the widest possible benefit.
+This is, I believe, one of the most fundamental goals of Free
+Software and one that we enthusiastically support.
+<p>That code in our source tree which falls under the GNU Public License
+(GPL) or GNU Library Public License (GLPL) comes with slightly more
+strings attached, though at least on the side of enforced
+access rather than the usual opposite. Due to the additional
+complexities that can evolve in the commercial use of GPL software,
+we do, however, endeavor to replace such software with submissions
+under the more relaxed BSD copyright whenever possible.