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<sect><heading>ISDN<label id="isdn"></heading>
<p><em>Contributed by &a.hm;.</em>
-There is the bisdn ISDN package available from ftp.muc.ditec.de supporting
-FreeBSD 2.1R, FreeBSD-current and NetBSD.
+There is the bisdn ISDN package available from
+<htmlurl url="ftp://ftp.muc.ditec.de/isdn" name="ftp.muc.ditec.de">
+supporting FreeBSD 2.1R, FreeBSD-current and NetBSD.
Currently all (passive) Teles cards and their clones are supported for the
EuroISDN (DSS1) and 1TR6 protocols.
@@ -15,4 +16,6 @@ The latest source can be found on the above mentioned ftp server under
directory isdn as file bisdn-095.tar.gz.
A majordomo maintained mailing list is available, to subscribe, send the
-usual majordomo requests to isdn-request@muc.ditec.de.
+usual majordomo requests to
+<htmlurl url="mailto:isdn-request@muc.ditec.de"