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+ The FreeBSD Documentation Project
+ The FreeBSD Brazilian Portuguese Documentation Project
+ $FreeBSD$
+ Original revision: r38826
+<!ENTITY % l10n PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//ENTITIES DocBook Language Specific Entities//EN">
+<!ENTITY % l10n-common PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//ENTITIES DocBook Language Neutral Entities//EN">
+<!ENTITY % man PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//ENTITIES DocBook Manual Page Entities//EN">
+<!ENTITY % freebsd PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//ENTITIES DocBook Miscellaneous FreeBSD Entities//EN">
+<!ENTITY % authors PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//ENTITIES DocBook Author Entities//EN">
+<!ENTITY % teams PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//ENTITIES DocBook Team Entities//PTBR">
+<!ENTITY % mailing-lists PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//ENTITIES DocBook Mailing List Entities//PTBR">
+<!ENTITY % newsgroups PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//ENTITIES DocBook Newsgroup Entities//PTBR">
+<!ENTITY % trademarks PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//ENTITIES DocBook Trademark Entities//EN">
+<!ENTITY % urls PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//ENTITIES DocBook URL Entities//EN">
+<!ENTITY % words PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//ENTITIES DocBook Specific Word Translations Entities//PTBR">