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* Create tag '2.0.5'.release/2.0.5Doc Manager1995-07-095-1903/+0
* Create branch 'RELENG_2_0_5'.Doc Manager1995-07-095-0/+1903
* The securedist outside the USA have changed a great deal.Ollivier Robert1995-05-251-5/+3
* handbook.sgmlJohn Fieber1995-05-188-221/+518
* Change the "make all" into "make depend all" in 6.0.6 (section on kernelOllivier Robert1995-05-171-2/+2
* Slip server document updated for 2.x systems.John Fieber1995-05-151-101/+129
* Update the kerberos section, add Mark Murray <mark@grondar.za> toJohn Fieber1995-05-113-195/+347
* Added "FreeBSD in a nutshell", swiped from the WWW pages with aJohn Fieber1995-05-112-2/+151
* Added Jordan's "brief history of FreeBSD", swiped from the WWW pages.John Fieber1995-05-102-2/+47
* Toplevel reorganization and integration of Poul-Henning Kamp's sectionJohn Fieber1995-05-102-88/+59
* Update the doctype declaration to use the FreeBSD version of theJohn Fieber1995-05-102-4/+4
* ports-russian addedAndrey A. Chernov1995-05-031-1/+2
* Move out of the obsolete FAQ directory into the handbook.John Fieber1995-04-281-0/+165
* The FAQ moves to its new home.John Fieber1995-04-281-0/+1566
* The FreeBSD handbook finds a new home.John Fieber1995-04-2821-0/+5167