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* Add &a.el.kritikakos; entity for Panagiotis Kritikakos,Giorgos Keramidas2008-01-141-0/+1
* Add %SOURCE% and %SRCID% comments to the Greek translation.Giorgos Keramidas2008-01-1417-92/+267
* The Greek teams.ent list is missing an &a.dcvs; entity.Giorgos Keramidas2007-11-081-0/+2
* Update of the doc/el_GR.ISO8859-7 documentation, to catch up withGiorgos Keramidas2007-11-0211-18/+271
* Using html2text works much much better for Greek plain textGiorgos Keramidas2006-07-141-0/+13
* Make editing with Emacs a tad nicer by adding locla vars to the endGiorgos Keramidas2005-09-233-0/+25
* Start the transition to &articles.ent; instead of using a special SGMLGiorgos Keramidas2005-01-062-0/+33
* Add a <meta> tag into %html-header-tags% to explicitly declareHiroki Sato2004-11-073-10/+7
* Fix a long-standing brokenness in the generated HTML output of the GreekGiorgos Keramidas2004-07-302-3/+14
* Link to the localized versions of el_GR for:Giorgos Keramidas2004-07-241-0/+9
* Mega-sync from version 1.11 to 1.34 of the en_US version.Giorgos Keramidas2004-07-241-142/+307
* Sync with rev 1.12 of the English docs. Add "Original version:" commentGiorgos Keramidas2004-07-241-4/+11
* Add entities for localized versions of trademarks and the glossary.Giorgos Keramidas2004-07-241-0/+6
* Add a Greek version of the glossary. Only the definitions of the termsGiorgos Keramidas2004-07-241-0/+249
* New translations: Greek versions of the respective en_US files.Giorgos Keramidas2004-07-242-0/+407
* Move ($create-refentry-xref-link$) to share/sgml/freebsd.dslHiroki Sato2003-05-221-24/+4
* Greek translation of the various FreeBSD teams.Giorgos Keramidas2003-03-291-0/+39
* MFen: 1.11: Sort. Add mips@, ports-bugs@ and {doc,ports,src}-committers@.Giorgos Keramidas2003-03-291-4/+19
* Update manpath=XFree86+4.0.2 to manpath=XFree86+4.2.0Marc Fonvieille2002-09-211-1/+1
* Add support for the 'vendor' attribute on <citerefentry> to select whichMarc Fonvieille2002-08-271-3/+11
* - Sync with english resivion 1.7.Giorgos Keramidas2002-03-221-1/+94
* Add first fiels of a doc/el_GR.ISO8859-7 subdir.Giorgos Keramidas2002-02-155-0/+443