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* Make the niceheaders output look at the page width to determine howMurray Stokely2001-09-021-3/+7
* Turn off the rule beneath the chapter title if the chapter is anMurray Stokely2001-08-031-6/+8
* Add a new tunable knob 'MIN_SECT_LABELS' and the necessary stylesheetMurray Stokely2001-07-281-1/+67
* Modifications for the NICE_HEADERS case :Murray Stokely2001-07-201-5/+13
* Introduce a 'NICE_HEADERS' tuneable knob that creates customizedMurray Stokely2001-07-161-1/+118
* Cosmetics: capitalize FreeBSD.org like that in e-mail addresses; makeDima Dorfman2001-06-031-2/+2
* Use the new create-link procedure instead of (make element gi: "A" ...).Dima Dorfman2001-06-021-9/+8
* Use the correct interface to man.cgi. This fixes links to manualDima Dorfman2001-04-151-6/+3
* Turn on the generation of links to the man->HTML gateway.Nik Clayton2001-03-241-1/+12
* Reflect the change in doc/share/sgml/freebsd.dsl to allow multipleNik Clayton2001-02-201-12/+28
* a) "Fix" out-of-tree builds by not hard-coding locations of dsl filesNeil Blakey-Milner2000-09-281-2/+2
* Add bits needed to convert "..." to ``...'' in the HTML output.Jim Mock2000-06-081-1/+8
* Add definitions for the output.html and output.print parameter entities.Nik Clayton2000-05-311-1/+3
* Give each language and encoding it's own freebsd.dsl, to contain styleNik Clayton2000-03-231-0/+30