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* Fix syntax errors in translated documents. These caused a build breakage inHiroki Sato2013-01-091-1/+1
* Replace 'SGML' with 'XML' in Makefile code and comments. A consequence ofIsabell Long2012-10-061-1/+1
* - Rename the share/sgml directories to share/xmlGabor Kovesdan2012-10-0162-66/+66
* - Rename .sgml files to .xmlGabor Kovesdan2012-10-0171-65/+65
* - Encoding names should be IANA names and in lower caseGabor Kovesdan2012-09-222-2/+2
* - Remove old web content and references to themGabor Kovesdan2012-09-225-280/+3
* - Strip unnecessary trailing spacesGabor Kovesdan2012-08-2118-64/+64
* - Convert all id names to lowercaseGabor Kovesdan2012-08-181-19/+19
* - For non-English pages generate the enbase entity, as well, not just baseGabor Kovesdan2012-08-1347-47/+0
* - Add namespace to XHTML fragments generated by XSLT stylesheetsGabor Kovesdan2012-08-122-7/+15
* - Add proper XML declarations with encoding specification to files thatGabor Kovesdan2012-08-111-0/+1
* - Remove empty class attributes that slipped in with the XML migrationGabor Kovesdan2012-08-093-3/+3
* - Expand Spanish character entities in the Spanish documentationGabor Kovesdan2012-08-0964-1622/+1618
* - Remove PSGML comments since they are not very useful after the XMLGabor Kovesdan2012-08-078-64/+0
* - XMLify sitemap and site indexGabor Kovesdan2012-08-056-490/+951
* - Add a cvs:keyword element to store the $FreeBSD$ keyword for laterGabor Kovesdan2012-08-0461-123/+306
* - Rename files that were converted to static pages and hookGabor Kovesdan2012-08-043-4/+1
* - Convert these stylesheets to static pages since there is no actualGabor Kovesdan2012-08-042-42/+20
* - XMLify Spanish webpagesGabor Kovesdan2012-08-0164-1479/+1520
* Remove and/or replace broken and/or out-of-date links in the es_ES projectIsabell Long2012-06-081-56/+3
* Correct an unfortunate spelling mistake in an email address in the es_ESGavin Atkinson2012-05-271-1/+1
* - Set svn:ketwords and svn:mime-type. Note that application/octet-stream isHiroki Sato2012-05-1780-109/+109
* - Move developers.sgml to the language-independent directory.Hiroki Sato2012-05-1727-398/+34
* - Remove junk directories.Hiroki Sato2012-05-1791-0/+9997