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* Footer of Spanish documentation was wrote in "Broken Spanish"; fixed.J. Vicente Carrasco2008-04-241-4/+4
* Log:J. Vicente Carrasco2008-03-311-0/+4
* Add new translation.J. Vicente Carrasco2007-11-191-0/+4
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* - Add spanish freebsd glossary.Jesus Rodriguez Cuesta2005-11-121-0/+1930
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* Add newsgroups.ent used by an article (next to be committed).Jesus Rodriguez Cuesta2004-01-172-0/+12
* Move ($create-refentry-xref-link$) to share/sgml/freebsd.dslHiroki Sato2003-05-222-17/+17
* Translate the foot page.Jesus Rodriguez Cuesta2002-11-031-5/+5
* Arrange share/sgml contents to build the spanish handbook with theJesus Rodriguez Cuesta2002-10-143-20/+770
* Update manpath=XFree86+4.0.2 to manpath=XFree86+4.2.0Marc Fonvieille2002-09-211-1/+1
* Add support for the 'vendor' attribute on <citerefentry> to select whichMarc Fonvieille2002-08-271-4/+12
* Added spanish "legalnotice", footer and complet translated mailing listJesus Rodriguez Cuesta2001-08-054-44/+376
* Move mailing-lists.ent out of the Handbook and into the language-specificChris Costello2001-06-212-1/+51
* Reflect the change in doc/share/sgml/freebsd.dsl to allow multipleNik Clayton2001-02-201-12/+27
* a) "Fix" out-of-tree builds by not hard-coding locations of dsl filesNeil Blakey-Milner2000-09-282-2/+11
* Give each language and encoding it's own freebsd.dsl, to contain styleNik Clayton2000-03-231-0/+30