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* - Revert r41880 and r41881 since they resulted in loss of semanticGabor Kovesdan2013-06-102-2/+4
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* Always build pdf from ps and remove related nits. This is what was alreadyGabor Kovesdan2013-03-311-1/+0
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| * Replace 'SGML' with 'XML' in Makefile code and comments. A consequence ofIsabell Long2012-10-062-6/+6
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* - XMLify the Italian treeGabor Kovesdan2012-06-2455-805/+987
* Fix an unfortunate spelling mistake in the it_IT translation, FeeBSD -> &os;Gavin Atkinson2012-05-271-1/+1
* Remove references to set_rcvar, which has been removed from 10-current.Doug Barton2012-01-141-13/+9
* Update Italian Documentation.Alex Dupre2008-01-2734-5206/+9763
* - Revert the two screenshots back to avoid the inconsistent contentChin-San Huang2007-06-282-0/+4
* Remove the deprecated item(IMAGES_EN+= install/desktop.scrChin-San Huang2007-06-272-4/+0
* Move build targets for book.{ps,pdf} of the handbook to the LI part.Hiroki Sato2006-04-171-12/+1
* Update of the Italian translations before 6.0-RELEASE:Alex Dupre2005-08-2930-1197/+19795
* Update Italian Documentation.Alex Dupre2004-08-2523-668/+872
* - Update Italian documentationAlex Dupre2004-07-0216-52/+309
* MFen: 1.115 -> 1.116Alex Dupre2004-04-221-2/+2
* Update Italian doc for 4.10-RELEASE.Alex Dupre2004-04-1915-188/+1649
* MFen: 1.332 => 1.333 (forgotten in last commit)Alex Dupre2004-01-271-1/+9
* - switch to my @FreeBSD.org email addressAlex Dupre2004-01-2612-60/+140
* - Add localized trademarks.entAlex Dupre2004-01-1417-177/+669
* Update Italian documenation tree.Marc Fonvieille2003-12-1321-3190/+4835
* Update the Italian documentation.Marc Fonvieille2003-07-0615-970/+973
* PGPkeys separation: now the pgpkeys will be in doc/share/pgpkeys, updateMarc Fonvieille2003-05-082-2/+2
* Update Italian doc and remove callouts images.Marc Fonvieille2003-04-117-639/+488
* Commit images separation from en_US.ISO8859-1/ directory toMarc Fonvieille2003-04-111-74/+74
* Update some Italian translations.Tom Rhodes2003-04-051-81/+161
* Remove unneeded Makefiles.Tom Rhodes2003-03-2014-322/+0
* Use chapter.sgml instead of preface.sgml in the chapters.ent file.Tom Rhodes2003-03-192-2/+3
* Makefile/ Build chapter.sgml not preface.sgml.Tom Rhodes2003-03-1915-2/+324
* Add the Italian translated unix-introduction book. These still need individualTom Rhodes2003-03-1917-0/+14374
* Remove the .scr and .eps files. They are built from another location.Tom Rhodes2003-03-1964-0/+0