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* Bulk update of the work in progress. Many items that need 1:1 translation are...Remko Lodder2017-03-231-1081/+2442
* Update nl_NL.po to the latest working copy. I have done theRemko Lodder2017-03-211-873/+1666
* More work in progress, after discussing severalRemko Lodder2017-03-141-159/+159
* Initial version of the dutch po translation for the handbook.Remko Lodder2017-03-091-0/+71115
* Sync the Dutch portmgr member list with the English one.Rene Ladan2016-06-201-6/+4
* - address old security links being generated prior to 2000Jason Helfman2016-01-281-7/+0
* nl/books/fdp-primer: 142 of 1571 strings translated.Rene Ladan2015-11-082-504/+501
* Remove unnecessary files.Warren Block2015-10-3118-8987/+0
* Add an initial and work-in-progress Dutch PO translation of the FreeBSDRene Ladan2015-10-2721-0/+27524
* nl/articles/explaining-bsd: update to r47686.Rene Ladan2015-10-272-35/+38
* nl/articles/explaining-bsd: update to r47684Rene Ladan2015-10-272-25/+25
* nl/articles/explaining-bsd: update to r47674 using the PO framework.Rene Ladan2015-10-262-291/+876
* nl/articles/explaining-bsd: replace the &tm-attrib.*; entities in the nl_NL.poRene Ladan2015-10-182-49/+22
* Update the Dutch translation of the "Explaining BSD" article and convert itRene Ladan2015-09-282-436/+706
* Save the translation strings for the Dutch leap seconds article here for now.Rene Ladan2015-09-031-0/+138
* Connect the Dutch leap seconds article to the build.Rene Ladan2015-09-031-3/+1
* Add the Dutch translation of the leap second article to test the new PO-basedRene Ladan2015-09-032-0/+83
* contributing and contributing-ports: combine themEitan Adler2015-04-063-870/+0
* revert the previous commit to this file, its from a different commit, still i...Eitan Adler2015-04-041-0/+1
* */articles/compiz-fusionEitan Adler2015-04-041-1/+0
* Copy over just the redirect header from the en_US version ofPeter Wemm2014-06-291-0/+1
* nl/htdocs/send-pr.xml: MFen r44980 -> r44986Rene Ladan2014-06-011-5/+10
* nl/htdocs/send-pr.xml: MFen r44980 (disable the GNATS form)Rene Ladan2014-05-311-3/+6
* - Move the PGP keyring generation to the language-independent share directoryGabor Kovesdan2014-03-071-29/+0
* Normalize DTD URL.Hiroki Sato2013-11-136-6/+6
* - Use /usr/bin/svnlite as SVN if available.Hiroki Sato2013-11-1324-62/+41
* Simplify localization layer for XSLT stylesheets. lang/share/xsl/*.xsl areHiroki Sato2013-11-116-51/+0
* - Define l10n.ent as an entity in localized directories and make them beHiroki Sato2013-11-112-5/+2
* - Definitively upgrade to DocBook 5.0Gabor Kovesdan2013-11-0745-7333/+5221
* MFHGabor Kovesdan2013-11-052-1/+3
| * Provide a translation for the secteam-secretary entity.Rene Ladan2013-10-181-1/+1
| * Attempt to fix the build, again.Glen Barber2013-09-291-0/+2
| * Fix build when beta2* macros are enabled.Glen Barber2013-09-131-1/+1
| * - Convert anchors in titles to an id on the sectionGabor Kovesdan2013-07-262-6/+6
| * Quick fixes for the Dutch handbook when using 'make lint'.Rene Ladan2013-07-252-3/+5
* | - MFHGabor Kovesdan2013-07-262-6/+6
* | - MFHGabor Kovesdan2013-07-252-3/+5
* | - Add namespace declaration to index elementsGabor Kovesdan2013-07-241-1/+1
* | - Enable indexes by default; now they are not so difficult to generateGabor Kovesdan2013-07-245-3/+7
* | - MFHGabor Kovesdan2013-07-2414-478/+118
| * - Fix misplaced indextermsGabor Kovesdan2013-07-248-437/+97
| * - Fix tables that do not respect the column number specified in the colGabor Kovesdan2013-07-241-1/+15
| * Remove the Vinum chapter and references to it (i.e. MFen r42118).Rene Ladan2013-07-237-1424/+6
* | - MFHGabor Kovesdan2013-07-117-150/+140
| * - Whitespace adjustments after last commitGabor Kovesdan2013-07-113-7/+11
| * - Indexterms should not be embedded directly into a question or answerGabor Kovesdan2013-07-113-19/+5
| * Merge r42226 fo the Dutch website.Rene Ladan2013-07-091-123/+120
| * Merge r42226 for the Dutch articles and books.Rene Ladan2013-07-093-6/+9
* | - Post-edit merged file to work again with DB 5.0Gabor Kovesdan2013-07-051-4/+4
* | - MFHGabor Kovesdan2013-07-041-1/+1