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* fix `make -n' if using gitWolfram Schneider2017-09-281-1/+5
* MFen r45188. Now that mirrors/chapter.xml synced, we can safely remove this.Sergey Kandaurov2014-07-121-10/+0
* - Move the PGP keyring generation to the language-independent share directoryGabor Kovesdan2014-03-071-30/+0
* This commit integrates contents of users/chapter.xml intoTaras Korenko2013-12-231-1/+0
* - Enable indexes by default; now they are not so difficult to generateGabor Kovesdan2013-07-241-2/+0
* + en/handbook has no vinum chapter since r42118. It's time to drop its russianTaras Korenko2013-07-231-8/+0
* Always build pdf from ps and remove related nits. This is what was alreadyGabor Kovesdan2013-03-311-1/+0
* - MFHGabor Kovesdan2013-02-051-4/+49
| * + include handbook/bsdinstall translation into the build processTaras Korenko2012-10-311-0/+45
| * Replace 'SGML' with 'XML' in Makefile code and comments. A consequence ofIsabell Long2012-10-061-4/+4
* | - Remove HTML Tidy leftoversGabor Kovesdan2013-02-011-1/+0
* | - Make sure all source files are ready before validationGabor Kovesdan2013-01-311-12/+0
* | - Make the Russian documentation valid XMLGabor Kovesdan2013-01-211-5/+31
* - Rename the share/sgml directories to share/xmlGabor Kovesdan2012-10-011-1/+1
* - Rename .sgml files to .xmlGabor Kovesdan2012-10-011-51/+51
* - XMLify the Russian treeGabor Kovesdan2012-06-241-17/+6
* + Correct 'Original revision' references: make them point to theTaras Korenko2012-05-251-1/+1
* - MFen: handbook/install/chapter.sgml 1.400 --> 1.410Taras Korenko2010-08-211-0/+3
* Added a new Russian translation of books/handbook/filesystems:Taras Korenko2010-07-051-0/+1
* - Revert the two screenshots back to avoid the inconsistent contentChin-San Huang2007-06-281-0/+2
* Remove the deprecated item(IMAGES_EN+= install/desktop.scrChin-San Huang2007-06-271-2/+0
* MFen:Dmitry Morozovsky2006-05-191-2/+2
* Move build targets for book.{ps,pdf} of the handbook to the LI part.Hiroki Sato2006-04-171-12/+1
* MFen:Dmitry Morozovsky2006-03-071-28/+34
* Grrrr. Disable index build in FRDP repository until we really find the sourceDmitry Morozovsky2006-02-191-2/+2
* Add geom chapter [1]Dmitry Morozovsky2006-02-191-2/+4
* Hmm. Currently I have no idea why the index can ever be built with cyrillicDmitry Morozovsky2006-02-181-1/+1
* MFen:Dmitry Morozovsky2005-07-241-8/+8
* Disable index build for Russian Handbook until we catch the problem.Dmitry Morozovsky2005-05-251-1/+1
* Unbreak the build: emergency import firewalls chapter,Dmitry Morozovsky2005-05-221-0/+1
* Merge the following from the English version:Denis Peplin2004-07-141-13/+11
* Remove mac section from security chapterDenis Peplin2004-07-131-1/+1
* Merge the following from the English version:Denis Peplin2004-07-081-5/+7
* whitespace cleanupAlexey Zelkin2004-04-091-35/+35
* Merge the following from the English version:Denis Peplin2004-03-261-24/+223
* Remove authors.ent from SRCS since there's no need for it to be there,Dima Dorfman2001-08-251-2/+1
* Move mailing-lists.ent out of the Handbook and into the language-specificChris Costello2001-06-211-2/+1
* ISO_* -> ISO* renameAndrey A. Chernov2001-06-111-2/+2
* synchronize handbook sources with Russian Docu Project Repository.Alexey Zelkin2001-03-111-4/+4
* Synchronize with FreeBSD Russian Doc Project CVS Repository.Alexey Zelkin2000-12-291-8/+6
* Update translation snapshot of the Russian version of the FreeBSD handbook.Alexey Zelkin2000-10-171-9/+11
* Allow russian handbook to be built.Alexey Zelkin2000-07-081-0/+65