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* Migrate doc to Hugo/AsciiDoctorSergio Carlavilla Delgado2021-01-251-201/+0
* Remove expired key.release/13.0.0PRE_ASCIIDOCTOR-HUGOXin LI2021-01-251-345/+184
* Update my key.Xin LI2018-09-071-80/+303
* Update my key: add a new UID and add a few signatures.Xin LI2014-07-241-50/+86
* MFHGabor Kovesdan2013-11-051-446/+92
| * Replace my key with a newly generated one. I still have accessXin LI2013-10-031-446/+92
* | - Convert PGP key entities to DB 5.0Gabor Kovesdan2013-06-201-2/+2
* Update my key.Xin LI2012-01-271-186/+416
* Update with my new key.Xin LI2010-01-101-70/+121
* Update my key.Xin LI2008-01-021-5/+53
* Add my new subkey.Xin LI2006-01-271-50/+110
* Add my gpg public keys.Xin LI2004-09-161-0/+68