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* Add entries for gzip(1), lndir(1), uname(1), execve(2), crypt(3),Nik Clayton1999-06-071-1/+7
* Change ${DOCBOOKCATALOG} to point at the master catalog for all theNik Clayton1999-06-031-2/+2
* Switch to using DocBook 3.1. Pull out the FreeBSD specific FAQList*Nik Clayton1999-06-031-41/+4
* Change the FPI to show this is now a DocBook 3.1 based extension.Nik Clayton1999-06-031-2/+2
* Be smarter about setting DOC_PREFIX to /usr/doc. Only do it ifNik Clayton1999-05-181-3/+22
* Show pkg_add(1) and pkg_create(1) instead pkg.add(1) and pkg.create(1)Jesus Rodriguez Cuesta1999-05-151-3/+4
* Added a validate target to check that the SGML markup is valid withoutNik Clayton1999-05-051-8/+30
* Added many comments explaining what this file is and what it shouldNik Clayton1999-05-051-2/+36
* Add an entity for ppp(8).Joseph Koshy1999-05-041-1/+2
* Add a definition for &man.lynx.1;Nik Clayton1999-04-291-1/+2
* Add ${TIDYFLAGS} to use -raw option for building Japanese handbook.Jun Kuriyama1999-04-201-3/+6
* Includable Makefile, contains most of the logic for converting DocBookNik Clayton1999-04-141-0/+354
* Add some more references to manual pages. Not yet used by Handbook,Nik Clayton1999-04-121-1/+8
* Add temporary option %lang.ja.dsssl;.Jun Kuriyama1999-04-081-1/+4
* Hmm. I already committed this remotely, it doesn't seem to have 'stuck'.Nik Clayton1999-04-051-0/+1
* Remove old hack to indent verbatim environments, and use new, Norm WalshNik Clayton1999-04-041-28/+11
* Add Japanese specific definitions.Jun Kuriyama1999-04-041-0/+5
* Created a new set of entities for manual pages.Nik Clayton1999-03-072-3/+118
* Removed the reference to handbook.css, that shouldn't be in there yet.Nik Clayton1999-01-271-4/+1
* Move doc/sgml/* to doc/share/sgml/*, so it better follows the layout ofNik Clayton1999-01-253-0/+286