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* The www/zh directory has been moved to www/zh_CN and www/zh_TW.Hiroki Sato2006-07-113-43/+0
* Good bye leftovers of 20th centuryAlexey Zelkin2004-03-232-19/+0
* Since FAQ's Makefile is now knows about web.site.mk, no need to declareAlexey Zelkin2004-03-231-6/+2
* Convert Makefile to new world orderAlexey Zelkin2004-03-232-2/+18
* Force tidy(1) to use '-raw' and newly added '-preserve' optionsAlexey Zelkin2001-12-121-4/+4
* Switch web.mk to share/mk/web.site.mk in Chinese version.Jun Kuriyama2000-11-071-3/+9
* Fix WEBBASE path.Alexey Zelkin2000-02-281-2/+2
* It is possible to build www/ tree separately nowAlexey Zelkin1999-12-171-1/+4
* Use the right make command: make -> ${MAKE}Wolfram Schneider1999-09-151-2/+2
* $Id$,$Date$ -> $FreeBSD$Peter Wemm1999-09-062-2/+2
* Makefile framework to pull the DocBook FAQ in to the web site.Nik Clayton1999-08-191-0/+11
* Added Chinese FAQWolfram Schneider1999-02-033-0/+30