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* Always build pdf from ps and remove related nits. This is what was alreadyGabor Kovesdan2013-03-311-1/+0
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| * Add the bsdinstall chapter.Fukang Chen2012-11-301-1/+46
| * Replace 'SGML' with 'XML' in Makefile code and comments. A consequence ofIsabell Long2012-10-061-4/+4
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* MFen:Fukang Chen2007-08-091-3/+8
* - Revert the two screenshots back to avoid the inconsistent contentChin-San Huang2007-06-281-0/+2
* Remove the deprecated item(IMAGES_EN+= install/desktop.scrChin-San Huang2007-06-271-2/+0
* Sync with latest CNPROJ snapshot.Xin LI2007-04-231-1/+14
* Refresh with latest snapshot from FreeBSD SimplifiedXin LI2007-04-171-1/+2
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* MFen the following changes, which finalizes the synchnorization ofXin LI2005-08-281-1/+4
* MFen security/chapter.sgml: 1.228 -> 1.266:Xin LI2005-04-061-2/+3
* Add a new translation: zh_CN.GB2312/books/handbook (Simplified Chinese).Hiroki Sato2004-09-261-0/+261