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Jalview is a multiple alignment editor written in Java. It is used widely in a
variety of web pages (e.g. the EBI Clustalw server and the Pfam protein domain
database) and is also available as a general purpose alignment editor.

o Reads and writes alignments in a variety of formats
o Gaps can be inserted/deleted using the mouse.
o Group editing (insertion deletion of gaps in groups of sequences).
o Removal of gapped columns.
o Align sequences using Web Services (Clustal, Muscle...)
o Amino acid conservation analysis similar to that of AMAS.
o Alignment sorting options (by name, tree order, percent identity, group).
o UPGMA and NJ trees calculated and drawn based on percent identity distances.
o Sequence clustering using principal component analysis.
o Removal of redundant sequences.
o Smith Waterman pairwise alignment of selected sequences.
o Web based secondary structure prediction programs (JNet).
o User predefined or custom colour schemes to colour alignments or groups.
o Sequence feature retrieval and display on the alignment.
o Print your alignment with colours and annotations.
o Output alignments as HTML pages, images (PNG) or postscript (EPS).

WWW: https://www.jalview.org