path: root/sysutils/adtool/files/patch-src_lib_active__directory.h
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--- src/lib/active_directory.h.orig	2020-08-27 17:21:27 UTC
+++ src/lib/active_directory.h
@@ -28,11 +28,11 @@ searchbase ou=users,dc=example,dc=com
 | if there is a problem reading the config file, or
 |	AD_SERVER_CONNECT_FAILURE if a connection can't be made.
-char *system_config_file;
-char *uri;
-char *binddn;
-char *bindpw;
-char *search_base;
+extern char *system_config_file;
+extern char *uri;
+extern char *binddn;
+extern char *bindpw;
+extern char *search_base;
 /* ad_get_error() returns a pointer to a string containing an
 | explanation of the last error that occured.