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This window manager is yet another descendant of aewm.  It has title bars,
shading, a widget for resizing, automatic placement of windows (with the upper
left corner at the current position of the mouse) as they open, and a list (by
title) from which windows may be chosen for raising or un-iconizing.  Some
features are implemented in applets, not all of which work in this port.

from the home page:
	It is somewhat ICCCM compliant (it knows what a transient window is,
	and catches client messages and knows the MIT-SHAPE). It does not try
	to look like any other known OS (though, some people tell me it looks
	like Mac OS, others say Amiga.) So, if you want a window manager that
	is sanely usable within the smallest constraints (and without you
	thinking you have an inept piece of software), then this is for you.

from the README:
	As its name implies, alloywm is a quite exquisite, aesthetic little
	window manager for X11.  The premise of this window manager is not to
	be over-bloated [...] to keep the interface out of a user's way [...]

	It is not very configurable [...]

	[...] you cannot click inside the window to give focus [...]

WWW:  http://www.phatboydesigns.net/alloywm/