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authorTobias C. Berner <tcberner@FreeBSD.org>2022-04-13 10:23:37 +0000
committerTobias C. Berner <tcberner@FreeBSD.org>2022-04-13 10:23:37 +0000
commit6cb446ce37236f334ada36a8585a4394e39a8a51 (patch)
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games/gcompris-qt: update to 2.4
From [1]: Today we are releasing GCompris version 2.4. We optimized the size of all the packages for all platforms and of the external word images set (~30% smaller). If you disabled the automatic download and want to have the full images set, you should go to the configuration and click on "Download full word image set". The text "Full word image set is installed" is displayed below when you have the latest version. Norwegian Nynorsk introduction voices have been added by Karl Ove Hufthammer and Øystein Steffensen-Alværvik. Malayalam voices have been completed by Aiswarya Kaitheri Kandoth. Many images have been updated for several activities. We have also fixed a few bugs in Renewable energy, Watercycle and Logical associations activities. You can find packages of this new version for GNU/Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi and macOS on the download page. This update will be available soon in the Android Play store, the F-Droid repository and the Windows store. Thank you all, Timothée & Johnny [1] https://gcompris.net/news/2022-04-13-en.html
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diff --git a/games/gcompris-qt/Makefile b/games/gcompris-qt/Makefile
index 32577b2029de..2fa2590826ee 100644
--- a/games/gcompris-qt/Makefile
+++ b/games/gcompris-qt/Makefile
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
PORTNAME= gcompris-qt
CATEGORIES= games education kde
MASTER_SITES= http://gcompris.net/download/qt/src/
diff --git a/games/gcompris-qt/distinfo b/games/gcompris-qt/distinfo
index 8f2096c3d5be..12fe5fcdeaba 100644
--- a/games/gcompris-qt/distinfo
+++ b/games/gcompris-qt/distinfo
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
-TIMESTAMP = 1645983521
-SHA256 (gcompris-qt-2.3.tar.xz) = 52058ba79215a9b7851423bf3d1149fd7d6c3e6ee74a46a055c804a7949dcc62
-SIZE (gcompris-qt-2.3.tar.xz) = 78135708
+TIMESTAMP = 1649844418
+SHA256 (gcompris-qt-2.4.tar.xz) = fd066e6f8f2b6ab547703d0f80e3dce8d4e538aaec13354afea8c76f90a3592d
+SIZE (gcompris-qt-2.4.tar.xz) = 50509640
diff --git a/games/gcompris-qt/pkg-plist b/games/gcompris-qt/pkg-plist
index 69accfc23e25..fd51332ff0cf 100644
--- a/games/gcompris-qt/pkg-plist
+++ b/games/gcompris-qt/pkg-plist
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ share/doc/HTML/en/gcompris-qt/index.docbook