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java/bouncycastle15: Refresh pkg-descr and update license info
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@@ -11,7 +11,10 @@ DISTNAME= crypto-${DVERSION}
MAINTAINER= ports@FreeBSD.org
COMMENT= Cleanroom build of Java Cryptography Extensions
+# APACHE20 is used by pg/src/main/java/org/bouncycastle/apache/bzip2/*.
BUILD_DEPENDS= ${JAVALIBDIR}/junit.jar:java/junit \
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-The Bouncy Castle Crypto APIs consist of the following:
+The Bouncy Castle Crypto package is a Java implementation of cryptographic
+algorithms. It was developed by the Legion of the Bouncy Castle, a registered
+Australian Charity.
-. A lightweight cryptography API in Java.
-. A provider for the JCE and JCA.
-. A clean room implementation of the JCE 1.2.1.
-. A library for reading and writing encoded ASN.1 objects.
-. Lightweight APIs for TLS (RFC 2246, RFC 4346) and DTLS (RFC 4347).
-. Generators for Version 1 and Version 3 X.509 certificates, Version 2 CRLs,
- and PKCS12 files.
-. Generators for Version 2 X.509 attribute certificates.
-. Generators/Processors for S/MIME and CMS (PKCS7/RFC 3852).
-. Generators/Processors for OCSP (RFC 2560).
-. Generators/Processors for TSP (RFC 3161 & RFC 5544).
-. Generators/Processors for CMP and CRMF (RFC 4210 & RFC 4211).
-. Generators/Processors for OpenPGP (RFC 2440).
-. Generators/Processors for Extended Access Control (EAC).
-. Generators/Processors for Data Validation and Certification Server (DVCS) -
- RFC 3029.
-. Generators/Processors for DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE).
-. A signed jar version suitable for JDK 1.4-1.8 and the Sun JCE.
+The package is organised so that it contains a light-weight API suitable for
+use in any environment (including the J2ME) with the additional infrastructure
+to conform the algorithms to the JCE framework.
-It's distributed under a modified X license.
-WWW: http://www.bouncycastle.org/
+WWW: https://www.bouncycastle.org/