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Bonnie benchmarking tool.
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+Bonnie: Filesystem Benchmark Program
+Bonnie tests the speed of file I/O using standard C library calls.
+It does reads and writes of blocks, testing for the limit of sustained
+data rate (usually limited by the drive or controller) and updates on
+a file (better simulating normal operating conditions and quite dependent
+on drive and OS optimisations).
+The per character read and write tests are generally limited by CPU speed
+only on current generation hardware. It takes some 35 SPECint92 to read
+or write a file at a rate of 1MB/s using getc() and putc().
+The seek tests are dependent on the buffer cache size, since the fraction
+of disk blocks that fits into the buffer cache will be found without any
+disk operation and will contribute zero seek time readings. I.e. if the
+buffer cache is 16MB and the Bonnie test file is 32MB in size, then the
+seek time will come out as half its real value. The seek time includes
+rotational delay, and will thus always come out higher than specified for
+a drive.