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chinese/linux-wps-office-zh_CN: New port
WPS Office is a complete office suite with PDF editor. This version is the localized build for Simplified Chinese with the zh_CN language pack and other online features. As many installed files are common with editors/linux-wps-office, only one version should be installed. CONFLICTS_INSTALL has been set accordingly for both ports. Approved by: lwhsu (mentor), portmgr (no functional changes)
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+WPS Office is a free productivity office suite. WPS Office contains
+four major functional modules: WPS Word, WPS PDF, WPS Excel, and WPS
+Presentation. It is accessible and compatible with doc, xls, ppt, and
+other file formats. You can directly save and open Microsoft Word,
+Excel, and PowerPoint files. You can also easily edit WPS files with
+Microsoft Office 365.
+WWW: https://www.wps.cn/