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New port added: ttfm
A True Type Font Manager that handles true type font installation, uninstallation, list, and default font setting. It was originally in the CLE Linux distribution, modified by Cheng Yuan-Chung from Joerg Pommnitz's ttmkfdir, to have Big5/GB TTF better detection. There are four modules as of version 0.9.0 for their respective apps: chitex: For ChiTeX, a Chinese TeX/LaTeX ttf2pk: Generate pk/tfm for CJK xfreetype: For Xfsft in XFree86 3.3.x and "freetype" module in 4.x xttfm: For X-TT in XFree86 3.3.x and "xtt" module in 4.x, available in both tcl and sh versions. Since ChiTeX hasn't been ported yet, CJK needs further tuning, only xfreetype & xttfm are available right now. Future applications which uses TTF(like ghostscript) should use TTFM to manage TTF. The importing of this port also implies existing ports like arphicttf/moettf should be re-written. /me is always able to find trouble for himself. :-)
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