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* When installed using WITH_SUPHP use a fix username/UID from /usr/ports/UIDs. There's no equivalent /usr/ports/GIDs entry because it defaults to group 'www'. * Consequently change the default username from phpmyadm to _pma and add an entry to /usr/ports/UIDs: _pma:*:336:80:phpMyAdmin Owner:/nonexistent:/sbin/nologin * Use the standard $WWWDIR for PLIST_SUB and SUB_LIST, instead of rolling my own equivalent. * Various internal code changes and clean-up * Bump PORTREVISION Note: the changes here mostly affect compilation with WITH_SUPHP defined. If you're not a suPHP user, then there's very little ultimately that has changed. PR: 119825 Submitted by: Matthew Seaman <m.seaman@infracaninophile.co.uk> (maintainer)
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=205961
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%%PKGNAME%% has been installed into:
+ %%WWWDIR%%
Please edit config.inc.php to suit your needs.
To make phpMyAdmin available through your web site, I suggest
that you add something like the following to httpd.conf:
- Alias /phpmyadmin/ "%%PREFIX%%/%%MYADMDIR%%/"
+ Alias /phpmyadmin/ "%%WWWDIR%%/"
- <Directory "%%PREFIX%%/%%MYADMDIR%%/">
+ <Directory "%%WWWDIR%%/">
Options none
AllowOverride Limit