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databases/phpmyadmin5: Update to 5.1.1
Changelog: We at the phpMyAdmin project are pleased to release phpMyAdmin 5.1.1, a bugfix release. There are many new bug fixes; a few highlights include: Fixes for several PHP errors Fixes for "$cfg['DefaultTabDatabase']" and other related configuration directives not working properly Fix Yaml export to quote strings even when they are numeric Fix TCPDF open_basedir issue due to internal guessing code from TCPDF Fix for quick search not working when using more than one configured server Fix datetime decimals displayed (.00000) after edit Fix new lines in text fields are doubled Fixed URL generation by removing un-needed &amp; escaping for & char Improvements for working with PHP 8.1 Improved handling of adding a new user with the Percona database server There are, of course, many more fixes you can see in the ChangeLog file included with this release or online at https://demo.phpmyadmin.net/master-config/index.php?route=/changelog Sponsored by: Netzkommune GmbH
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-TIMESTAMP = 1615134619
-SHA256 (phpMyAdmin-5.1.0-all-languages.tar.xz) = aa8ccf357f672012384df34e1c2bc70147476761c8458a0dad6233497e142c68
-SIZE (phpMyAdmin-5.1.0-all-languages.tar.xz) = 7902416
+TIMESTAMP = 1625647632
+SHA256 (phpMyAdmin-5.1.1-all-languages.tar.xz) = 1964d7190223c11e89fa1b7970c618e3a3bae2e859f5f60383f64c3848ef6921
+SIZE (phpMyAdmin-5.1.1-all-languages.tar.xz) = 7751820