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Welcome phpmyadmin5
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+{ type: install
+ message: <<EOM
+%%PKGNAME%% has been installed into:
+ %%WWWDIR%%
+Please edit config.inc.php to suit your needs.
+To make phpMyAdmin available through your web site, I suggest
+that you add something like the following to httpd.conf:
+For Apache versions earlier than 2.4:
+ Alias /phpmyadmin/ "%%WWWDIR%%/"
+ <Directory "%%WWWDIR%%/">
+ Options none
+ AllowOverride Limit
+ Order Deny,Allow
+ Deny from all
+ Allow from .example.com
+ </Directory>
+For Apache version 2.4.x or above:
+ Alias /phpmyadmin/ "%%WWWDIR%%/"
+ <Directory "%%WWWDIR%%/">
+ Options None
+ AllowOverride Limit
+ Require local
+ Require host .example.com
+ </Directory>
+SECURITY NOTE: phpMyAdmin is an administrative tool that has had several
+remote vulnerabilities discovered in the past, some allowing remote
+attackers to execute arbitrary code with the web server's user credential.
+All known problems have been fixed, but the FreeBSD Security Team strongly
+advises that any instance be protected with an additional protection layer,
+e.g. a different access control mechanism implemented by the web server
+as shown in the example. Do consider enabling phpMyAdmin only when it
+is in use.