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- update to 3.5.0
- add license (GPLv2) - switch to bdb 5 - mark broken on 10.x for the time being (as it was discussed on ports@ ML) - remove patches, applied upstream This version of Ice brings many new features, e.g. - New encoding version - Metrics facility - Optional data members and parameters - Compact encoding for classes and exceptions - Compact type IDs - Preserved slices - Custom enumerator values - C++11 lambda functions - Remote Update of Server Properties - IPv6 now enabled by default - Python 3 support - Use Berkley DB 5 See http://doc.zeroc.com/display/Ice/Release+Notes for details. PR: 179233 Submitted by: Michael Gmelin <freebsd@grem.de> (maintainer) Tested by: Jaret Bartsch <jaretbartsch@yahoo.ca>
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=321096
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+The default on-the-wire encoding for Ice changed in version 3.5 and IPv6
+is now enabled by default. ABI versions are not compatible.
+For details on these and additional changes please read the upgrading
+instructions available at
+ http://doc.zeroc.com/x/SQpN
+For on-the-wire background compatibility add
+ Ice.IPv6=0
+ Ice.Default.EncodingVersion=1.0
+to your Ice application configuration.