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security/hydra: update to 8.4
Release 8.4 ! Reports came in that the rdp module is not working reliable sometimes, most likely against new Windows versions. please test, report and if possible send a fix * Proxy support re-implemented: - HYDRA_PROXY[_HTTP] environment can be a text file with up to 64 entries - HYDRA_PROXY_AUTH was deprecated, set login/password in HTTP_PROXY[_HTTP] * New protocol: adam6500 - this one is work in progress, please test and report * New protocol: rpcap - thanks to Petar Kaleychev <petar.kaleychev@gmail.com> * New command line options: -y : disables -x 1aA interpretation, thanks to crondaemon for the patch -I : ignore an existing hydra.restore file (dont wait for 10 seconds) * hydra-svn: works now with the current libsvn version * hydra-ssh: initial check for password auth support now uses login supplied * Fixed dpl4hydra to be able to update from the web again * Fixed crash when -U was used without any service (thanks to thecarterb for reporting) * Updated default password lists * The protocols vnc, xmpp, telnet, imap, nntp and pcanywhere got accidentially long sleep commands due a patch in 8.2, fixed * Added special error message for clueless users :)
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