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FreeBSD Office team is proud to announce LibreOffice 6.4.4, latest stable release
Some notes about changes in port options: - GTK2 option is obsolete by upstream - GTK3 option is not more set by default because of unstable yet and have visual glitches - QT5 option is set by default to provide comfy visual style for every user - Change VCL autotetect logic (used if enable, skipto next in row if disabled: -- For KDE/LXQT: kf5, qt5, gtk3_kde5, gtk3, gen -- For GNOME, Unity, XFCE, MATE: gtk3, qt5, gen -- All other DE should follow gnome list One small note — since upcoming Qt5-5.15 will drop binary support for FreeBSD 11.x due to outdated OpenSSL-1.0 in base, here is no reason to enable QT5 option on FreeBSD <12 by default Thanks for all testers and supporters! Dima, with office hat Relnotes: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/ReleaseNotes/6.4
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