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www/py-fastapi-users: add port: Ready-to-use and customizable users management for FastAPI
Add quickly a registration and authentication system to your FastAPI project. FastAPI Users is designed to be as customizable and adaptable as possible. Features: * Extensible base user model * Ready-to-use register, login, reset password and verify e-mail routes * Ready-to-use social OAuth2 login flow * Dependency callables to inject current user in route * Pluggable password validation * Customizable database backend * SQLAlchemy async backend included thanks to encode/databases * MongoDB async backend included thanks to mongodb/motor * Tortoise ORM backend included * ormar backend included * Multiple customizable authentication backends * JWT authentication backend included * Cookie authentication backend included * Full OpenAPI schema support, even with several authentication backends WWW: https://github.com/fastapi-users/fastapi-users PR: 257369 Reported by: Goran Mekić <meka@tilda.center> (new maintainer) Reviewed by: koobs
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