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Update from 5.0.5 to 5.0.6.
Regenerate the patches to make portlint(1) happier. <ChangeLog> Upgrade urgency CRITICAL: Only in case of exposed instances to untrusted users. This Redis release, 5.0.6, is a bugfix and enhancement release. The most important bugfix is a corruption related to the HyperLogLog. A malformed HyperLogLog string could cause an invalid access to the memory. At a first glance the vulnerability appears to be not exploitable but just a DoS. The way to trigger the issue is complex, we'll not provide any information about how to do that for the users safety. Other significant changes in this release: * New modules APIs merged from Redis unstable to Redis 5. * Some memory optimization related to objects creation. * Fixes to flushSlaveOutputBuffer() that make sure that SHUTDOWN will transfer pending buffers to replicas. </ChangeLog>
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