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ports-mgmt/synth: Upgrade version 1.40 => 1.41
This release adds detection and handling of circular dependencies. Two users that tried replacing OpenSSL with LibreSSL found out that ftp/curl depends on itself when its built with GNUTLS. That's because Synth goes into an infinity dependency loop, runs out of stack space, and crashes. Now Synth can detect a circular dependency and abort gracefully and informatively, e.g. > synth status ftp/curl ftp/curl scan aborted because a circular dependency on ftp/curl was detected. ... backtrace devel/cmake ... backtrace emulators/tpm-emulator ... backtrace security/trousers ... backtrace security/gnutls ... backtrace ftp/curl While here, build synth with stack-checking on so out-of-stack situations result in an exception and not an illegal instruction crash.
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