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multimedia/libxine: Update to 1.2.11, Add ImageMagick7 support
Changelog: https://sourceforge.net/p/xine/xine-lib-1.2/ci/default/tree/ChangeLog: xine-lib (1.2.11) 2020-12-06 * Add gopher input plugin. * Add user settings for IPv6. * Split a52 spdif output to separate decoder. * Code cleanup. * More engine optimization. * Small optimizations (opengl2, dvb subtitles, png, mpeg-ts). * Better A/V sync. * Fix a few crashes. * Fix bluray playback. * Fix VAAPI picture jitter and green flashes. * Fix Opus and EAC3 audio playback. * Fix text subtitles. * Fix mpeg-ts (hdmv mode, detection of cut TV recordings). * Fix mpeg layer 1-4 audio timing. * Fix some VDR issues. * Fix HLS VOD mode. * Many small fixes. * Build fixes. * BSD fixes. * Update german translation. * Update internal libdca to upstream 0.0.7. xine-lib (1.2.10) 2019-12-13 * Add first Android support. * Add (xcb)xv yuy2 emulation. * Add libavcodec v58 compatibility. * Add avio seek support. * Make libpostproc optional. * Add libdav1d, libaom and lavc AV1 video decoders. * Add libvpx multithreading. * Add libpng decoder. * Add a52 double and fixed point modes. * Add Opus audio support to ogg demuxer. * Add AV1 video support to matroska demuxer. * Add ivf demuxer. * Add mpeg-ts split payload support. * Add TLS support using gnutls or OpenSSL. * Add ftp input plugin (ftp://) with TLS support (ftpes://) * Add tls:// input plugin (raw TLS over TCP). * Add libnfs NFS input plugin. * Add ftp/http seek support. * Add scp forward seek support. * Add mp4 http streaming support (plain and fragment modes). * Add HLS streaming support. * Add HTTP 1.1 support. * Add OpenGL EGL and Wayland support. * Add generic bitrate estimation. * Add side stream feature. * Optimize demux_qt. * Optimize OSD. * Optimize output layers. * Optimize decoder threads. * Optimize event handling. * Optimize stream info. * Optimize TCP/TLS/HTTP network input. * Optimize network buffering control. * Alsa/oss startup optimization. * Optimize input_stdin_fifo. * Optimize internal liba52. * Optimize user seek. * Build optimizations. * Simply user config. * Better support for audio out drivers that cannot resume after pause. * Better support for mpeg pts jumps. * Better bluray seek. * XML parser fixes. * Fix midstream audio mode switch. * Fix FLAC audio playback via ffmpeg. * Fix ffmpeg mpeg1/2 video. * Fix C++ build. * Fix build on clang only systems. * Fix/optimize mpeg, mpeg-ts, qt, flv, matroska, real and asf demuxers. * Fix network seek. * Fix/optimize audio CD. * Fix DVD (occasional crashes, damaged video after a DVD had been played). * Fix opengl2 freeze after X server failure. * Fix tvtime deinterlacer crash. * Fix/optimize overlay. * Fix/optimize old VDR plugin. * Fix xine-ui freeze when opening a playlist while paused. * Security fixes. * Build fixes (C99 mode, vaapi, ImageMagick, libmvec, less warnings). * Many small fixes. * More error handling instead of aborting. * Update german translation. PR: 252338 Submitted by: VVD <vvd@unislabs.com>
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=561322
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