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graphics/poppler: update to 21.08.0
Release 21.08.0: core: * Add API to allow addition and modification of outlines into a PDF * Use additional samples to test for constant parts of an axial gradient * forms: Create fallback fonts for some well known font names * Support reading the PDF Version from the Catalog * Fix XRef::copy when there are modified objects * Take into account that Date string may be in unicode * JBIG2Stream: Fix regression in "Do not consider a size-0 to be an error" * Replace a local bubble sort implementation by std::sort * Fix issues with malformed files build system: * Better error message when libjpeg is not found * Better error messages when libopenjpeg2 is not found qt5/qt6: * Document that a document has to outlive its pages * Make getPdfVersion return a dedicated version object glib: * mimick TextSelectionDumper logic change for spaceAfter Exp-run by: antoine PR: 257539
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COMMENT= Qt 5 bindings to poppler