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Update to 3.0-1822-ge8f0d3e
- Manpage updates - Remove pkg_install support. - Remove NO_STAGE support. - Remove use of umount -f where possible. - Use relative paths where possible to avoid namecache contention. - USE_CACHED reworked to use POSIX mq (will soon change again) - PRIORITY_BOOST is fixed to boost dependencies as well now with USE_PTSORT enabled (default yes). - Load linux64 when needed - Improved ports_env support (less executions during ports interations) - Show resource limits in build log - Limit filedescriptors to 1024 by default with MAX_FILES - Shutdown/unmount build jails in parallel - Don't leak mount path in build log from ident(1) - sh: Add some builtins to avoid fork/execs (mostly poudriere C helpers): cachec, clock_monotonic, date +%s, dirempty, locked_mkdir, realpath, sleep - BUILD_AS_NON_ROOT: Remove redundant chown -R. - Add HTML_JSON_UPDATE_INTERVAL (def: 2) to allow overriding JSON update interval. - Add support for USE_TMPFS=no - jail: install the kernel requested with -K when using src method - jail -c -m src: Add support for building the src tree with -b. - jail -u -m src: Update the version for the jail as well. - jail -c: Allow @rev for releng/X.Y branch - jail: Switch to http protocol for ftp-archive. - ports: Do not create a FS when '-m none' - ports -d: Do not delete a ports tree created with method=none or -. - ports -d: Confirm if in a TTY - ports -d: Really delete the zfs dataset when TMPFS_ALL is used - ports: Add git+http support - ports/jail: Auto pass PROXY env vars from parent environment - image: only isos have a restriction in the image name - image: If the images dir does not exist, attempt to create it - image: Handle a relative path with -o - image: Various fixes. - image: usb|*firmware|rawdisk now require a kernel and image size. - testport: Fix fdescfs/procfs/linprocfs not being mounted. - testport: Fix limits not being applied - testport+SIGINFO: Fix very old deadlock with update_stats. - pkgclean: Add hook: pkgclean done <DELETED_FILES: 0|1> <BUILT_REPO: 0|1> - pkgclean: Cleanup corrupt packages - pkgclean: Act on .latest directory for ATOMIC_PACKAGE_REPOSITORY - poudriere.conf: Don't suggest changing svn.FreeBSD.org to a mirror anymore. - QEMU+Arm64: Coppy the latest aarch64-binutils ld into the jail at startup. - QEMU+Arm64: Link /usr/bin/ld to /nxb-bin/usr/bin/ld. - QEMU+Arm64: Tell about copying ld * QEMU+Arm64: Note that this is not working properly yet due to the aarch64-binutils port not providing a static ld. - options: Properly setup ARCH/MACHINE in make.conf for cross-builds
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