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- Update to 3.4.6 [1]
- Remove ja-bugzilla-2.* from CONFLICT entries of devel/bugzilla, devel/bugzilla2 and russian/bugzilla-ru [2] - Change MAINTAINER address from tota@rtfm.jp to tota@FreeBSD.org [1] This port has been updated from the bugzilla Japanized patch to bugzilla Japanese language pack installation, both of which are maintained differently. * Japanized patch is not actively maintained anymore. * More sophisticated language pack framework has been introduced since Bugzilla 3.0. [2] This port no longer conflicts with those ports due to the new language pack framework. Approved by: maho (mentor)
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- Bugzilla has now been installed. To quick setup you have to:
+ Japanese localization for Bugzilla has now been installed.
- 1. Create database user who has rights on bugs database manipulation
- by following mysql commands:
- LOCK TABLES ON <database>.* TO <dbuser>@<host> \
- IDENTIFIED BY '<password>';
- where <database> is a bugs database name; <dbuser> is a bugs database
- owner; <host> is a host there bugzilla is being setup;
- <password> is a database owner's password;
- 2. Change working directory to %%PREFIX%%/%%BUGZILLADIR%%
- 3. Run "./checksetup.pl" script as root user
- 4. Read output carefully and follow all instructions
- For more complete database setup and post-installation instructions
- and security tips/notes please read Bugzilla Guide in
- %%PORTDOCS%%%%DOCSDIR%% (chapter 4: Installation)
+ Please run "checksetup.pl" to re-generate templates.