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Move Objective-C ports to the v2 GNUstep ABI.
* Bump the LLVM revision used for GNUstep to 7, the minimum to support the new ABI. * GNUstep-back does not work with lld, so mark it to use Gold (BFD LD doesn't seem able to link Objective-C things). * Turn off some annoying debug logs in GNUstep back, which generate several messages per second when you move the mouse. These should never have been enabled in a release build anyway. * Downgrade Cenon to 4.0.2. This was the last version to actually work with GNUstep (the later ones use XCode >= 5 .xib files, which GNUstep can't parse). * Update gorm to git head. The current release doesn't work with the new Objective-C ABI, but -head has the patches to fix it. * Update PikoPixel and add it to the gnustep-app meta-package. * Update the three core GNUstep packages to the latest release. * Update gnumail and pantomime to the latest release and fix a linking error with the new ABI. * Update GNUstep FTP to the latest version. Reviewed by: bapt (previous version)
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=492056
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-TIMESTAMP = 1495189059
-SHA256 (gnustep-base-1.25.0.tar.gz) = f5159a7d70e06b9dfb96c5f8ac572e3a5e6cf8de7bafb056bc9b2e0c4f93c347
-SIZE (gnustep-base-1.25.0.tar.gz) = 3528599
+TIMESTAMP = 1549117731
+SHA256 (gnustep-libs-base-1.26.0-base-1_26_0_GH0.tar.gz) = 6d24575469befb1e1df48e2ed0c3d4c5c069d3f4e168bf87c4863a7900bba97e
+SIZE (gnustep-libs-base-1.26.0-base-1_26_0_GH0.tar.gz) = 4001203