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- Remove two checks obviated by the removal of _OPTIONSFILE in revision 1.596 [1]
- Remove Legacy USE_BISON in bsd.port.mk [2] - Remove Legacy 2004 Hack in bsd.port.mk [3] - CONFLICT handling in has been reworked. There are two new variables in bsd.ports.mk: - CONFLICTS_BUILDS: Check for conflicts prior to build - CONFLICTS_INSTALL: Check for conflicts prior to installation stage The existing CONFLICTS checks for conflicts prior to build and installation stage. Users could defer the conflict check of CONFLICTS_BUILDS and CONFLICTS to the installation stage by using DEFER_CONFLICTS_CHECK. As already possible with CONFLICTS the new conflict checks could be disabled by using DISABLE_CONFLICTS. This patch was submitted by beat@ PR: ports/149670 [1] ports/151806 [2] [3] Subitted by: bf <bf1783@gmail.com> [1] Eitan Adler <lists@eitanadler.com> [2] [3]
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