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Add drac, a daemon to dynamically update a relay authorization map for
Sendmail, Postfix, and other MTAs that support it. PR: 24134 Submitted by: Anders Nordby <anders@fix.no>
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+DRAC is a daemon that dynamically updates a relay authorization map for
+Sendmail, Postfix and other MTA's that supports it. It provides a way to allow
+legitimate users to relay mail through an SMTP server, while still preventing
+others from using it as a spam relay. User's IP addresses are added to the map
+immediately after they have authenticated to the POP or IMAP server. By
+default, map entries expire after 30 minutes, but can be renewed by additional
+authentication. Periodically checking mail on a POP server is sufficient to do
+this. The POP and SMTP servers can be on a POP server is sufficient to do this.
+The POP and SMTP servers can be on different hosts.
+WWW: http://mail.cc.umanitoba.ca/drac/